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Energy and Load Calculations
     Using your plans we can input your data and specifications into our computer and using
Wrightsoft load calculation software we can determine the heating and cooling needs of
your new dream home.  This will determine your potential energy usage as well and insure
against over or under conditioning your home. Using Florida EnergyGauge software we will
also provide the required state forms for your permit application.   Some specifications we
need from you would be,...
Name of the Home Owner and/or Contractor

Street Address, City, County of the new home

Direction the house faces                             

Construction type;
    2x4, with stucco or brick veneer
    Open core block
    ICF block (insulated concrete form)
Insulation Type and Rating, if other than;
    R-30, blown in or batten in attic
    R-13, in walls
Roof Type
    30 year architectural shingle
    -dark or light colored shingles
    -with or without reflective foil
    -dark or light colored
    -treated with a energy efficient surface?

Window Type, (we prefer this information at this stage to best determine heat gain)
    Vinyl, wood or aluminum clad
    Low-e, frosted, reflective, etc.

Water Heater-
    Electric or Gas
    Capacity, (if other than 40 gallon)

Preferred Type of Heating and Cooling System-
           -Heat Pump

    Minimum Energy Availability for air conditioning is 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy
    Efficiency Rating, rating is based on summer efficiency and is higher for cooling than
    heating),   please let us know if you would like to increase your efficiency by installing
    a higher SEER rating or a variable speed system.

 The more information we can have in advance, the more accurate the results of our
calculations.  Ask about energy efficient options for conditioning your home.  

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