Duct Analysis
Not feeling as comfortable as you should? You could be cooling your attic or the underside of the house.
 Your air ducts are in the attic or under your feet, not in places you would normally find yourself on any
given day.  If you are not as comfortable inside as you think you should be and your system is
constantly working to maintain a comfortable temperature then you could be throwing your money away
on an old, leaking or unbalanced air duct system.

As your air ducts age the humidity, temperatures, and general wear and tear causes the tape, used to seal
the ducts, to peel and leak.  Also, the old fiberglass duct itself can flake and deteriorate under some
conditions.  This allows air to leak out of the sealed system.  This is a cause of higher than necessary
electric bills, because your unit has to work overtime to achieve the temperature you want.

If one area of your house is noticeably cooler or warmer than the rest of your home, you could have
unbalanced  and/or leaking air duct system. This means that the air pressure from one area of the house
to the other is not balanced properly, so the system has very little conditioned air left to reach this area
of the house.  Or, the air duct system has a leak which causes a drop in pressure and prevents the
conditioned air from reaching all areas of the house equally.  

Let us help you keep your conditioned air where you want it.
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