We know that your comfort is important to you that is why we offer seasonal check ups to
ensure you are getting the best efficiency and life out of your current heating and air
conditioning system.  No one likes to have to spend hard earned money on electric bills that are
higher than necessary or a new air-conditioning system when a seasonal check-up will help you
stay in your comfort zone the whole year through.

Did you know?...

The leading causes of premature system failure are completely preventable.  These causes are
dirty or poor filters and poor air flow caused by a dirty coil.  We can help you by checking the
filter for dirt and quality as well as checking both your indoor and outdoor coil to ensure
maximum efficiency.   

During this check up we will clear debris from around and inside the unit to allow for good
airflow around the coil.  These coils are often clogged up by dust, pet hair and other
environmental causes.  We also check Freon levels to ensure your comfort all year round.  
Most mechanical breakdowns are preventable and an ounce of prevention could save you $.  
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This is a short video of a indoor coil being cleaned, note the thick layer of dirt that has
accumulated on the coil.  The audio is unscripted, the majority of the conversation is being
spoken by a customer of ours.  The second voice is Hank while he is cleaning the coil.  
These pictures are all of the same coil that was seen in the clip during various stages of the cleaning.  We
only use environmental friendly cleaning products to loosen the debris and rinse the coil.  The Freon for this
unit was recovered and replaced with new.