Every unit has to go someday.  When service and repair are no longer cost effective, let our service
team ease the pain.  We can remove the old unit and install a new one in your home painlessly.  We can
custom fit the new duct work to match your existing duct work as well as clean up the new location so
your new unit has the opportunity to really shine.  

Beware of air conditioning contractors who would quote a price or give an estimate over the phone using
only the size of your old unit.  Every building is different and there are varying factors which could make
a difference in your choice of system.  For example, in Florida we have the occasional strong storm,
hurricane, pine beetles, etc., which could bring down trees you didn't know were shading your house
causing your unit to work harder and eventually give out.  Or, you could have replaced the insulation in
your attic, replaced your roof or added higher efficiency windows thereby reducing your heat load.  
Either way you could be under conditioning causing the unit to run continuously to maintain temperature
and running up your electric bill.  If you are over conditioning your home this causes the unit to cycle off
before it has a chance to reduce the humidity in your home so you don't feel any cooler even when the
temperature on the thermostat is fine.    

We offer a few options from recognizable names you can trust to be a dependable member of your
home.  Each of our units come with a one year installation guarantee and we offer various extended
warranty plans on parts and labor.  
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