Renovations to your home should be made to help you feel more comfortable in your environment.  
These changes to your living space affect your air conditioning system, as well as your square footage.  
Your current air conditioning system may not be up to the task.  By inspecting your current air
conditioning system and current air duct system we can determine if the changes to your A/C could be
as simple as adding a register to the addition, relocating your thermostat, a new air handler and/or
condensing unit, or one of our ductless air systems would suit your needs.  If you are filing for  your
own permits we offer the load calculations needed for permitting in your county.  We keep you informed
so you can make the best choices in efficiency and options to save you $.  There are many variables
when doing a renovation to a home and we don't believe in "one size fits all" approaches.         
We work our hardest to find the most efficient and cost effective solutions to meet your needs.  Our 35
years of experience can take the headaches out of remodeling, so you can stay in your comfort zone.  
Let our courteous install crew put your mind at ease, while you can rest knowing that your home is
receiving the respect and care that it deserves.
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