New Construction
Building a home should be a gratifying experience, a source of pride and comfort, because you know that
everything was done right.  Regrettably, sometimes this is not the case.  However, with us you can be assured that
your heating and cooling system will be trouble-free for years to come.  

We specialize in a rigid coated-fiberglass trunk line balanced and customized to your home and plans.  The
majority of homes today have special ceilings with cathedral peaks or trays, which require a good bit of
forethought to avoid costly irreparable mistakes.  A flex duct system is commonly used in order to help a HVAC
contractor finish the house in a day or two.  A flex duct is an air duct which is a flexible polyester sleeve wrapped
in fiberglass insulation and then wrapped in a reflective polyester sleeve, these are used to connect each air vent
to the register.  In a flex duct system these flex ducts are used to transport the air from one end of the house to
the other using a rigid fiberglass box to branch off from to connect to the register in each room.  While this is time
effective it is not very durable.  The flex duct has a thin metal coil on the inner liner which helps it to maintain it's
shape, over time this coil can collapse.  This leaves you with a costly replacement of the air duct system.  

Our company uses a hard coated-fiberglass trunk line which runs down the length of the house gradually
narrowing as the air pressure within drops to compensate for air being distributed room by room.   This maintains
air pressure so you will not notice a dramatic difference in temperature or air pressure from one end of your house
to the other.  By running a rigid coated-fiberglass trunk down the center of your home we only have to use the
flexible duct to connect your room directly to the rigid duct, this greatly reduces problems with collapsed air ducts
down the road.  In addition to this, we pad each flexible air duct so there is no danger of the hanging strap cutting
down on your airflow as time passes.  Cutting down on the number of connections we make also greatly reduces
the possibility of gaps which could cause air to leak into your attic.  The conditioned air is used to benefit your
comfort zone, NOT decrease your checkbook.     

The perfect house design is hard to find and we understand that sometimes some aspects of a home design may be
overlooked for something else.  The location of an air handler in the planning stages of construction could mean
saving you money down the road.  A bad location for an air handler is any location where the air handler would be
working too hard to "breathe."  The return air side of your air ducts should be larger than the supply side.  When
you take your next breath you want there to be more than enough air so you don't have to work so hard to pull it
into your lungs.  If you have to breathe through a straw you are working much harder than you have to work to
breathe.  The same holds true for you air handler if the air handler has to struggle to find enough air to work it will
have the same problems that we find with dirty filters, decreased longevity, decreased efficiency, and higher than
necessary electric bills.  We take great pains to make certain that your system will remain easily serviceable and
as efficient as possible by making allowances for poor planning, so you don't have to pay for someone else's

No one builds a new home without wanting to show it off from time to time.  Think about letting our proud
installation team install your new system with their eye for detail and considerate planning.  This means no more
wires dangling carelessly.  This means a nice streamlined installation, NOT an eyesore.
Flexible Air Duct Pads Under
Rigid Air Duct Trunk Line
means shorter flexible pipe
runs, less chance of kink or
Multi - Branch System to Custom Fit Your House
We don't take shortcuts using flexible ducts, we
can adjust our rigid duct to mold to your house's
unique design without sacrificing quality to save
Air Plenum Custom Designed for this house.  Before
we leave our air ducts are covered to protect the
coating on the fiberglass to prevent sawdust, dirt,
plaster, paint or critters from compromising the air
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Capped Air Register to protect your new duct
system from excessive construction dirt, wood
shavings, drywall dust and paint.
Right Picture-
Capped Return
Air Plenum and
Supply Plenum
to prevent
wood shavings,
dirt, dust, and
paint from
adhering to the
coating on the
fiberglass and
the quality of
the air system.